The Company Version 5.2.21 by Westane

The Company Version 5.2.21  by Westane
5.2.20 Alpha New Content - Penny Office events now adjust Love/Lust values for coworkers After fulfilling certain criteria, Penny will invite the player over to her apartment in the evening when leaving the office Penny must have a Love value of 40 or higher, must not be getting dominated by John, and the player must have taken her out for at least one day trip or date Once unlocked, her apartment can also be visited at the end of any day trip or date Penny's apartment has new content with Penny, including her new interactive event Once dosed to have sex in the office, this event can be repeated by asking Penny if she wants to spend time together while in the lab (Formerly "Talk to Penny") If the "Penny Office Sex" event is triggered either manually or through the serum, and the player is a Sissy, Penny will offer a serum to the player which will randomly change their gender the following night. This serum can be used once every 7 days, and only if the player is a Sissy New random event submitted by "B.J. Oostveen" When the event triggers, the author will be credited in the sidebar This event will be added to the Office Event Pool starting on September 13th, and will be removed from the pool once it triggers System Changes Traveling to and from the mall no longer causes time to pass You can access the mall on weeknights in the evening Orgasming (through any means) will now drain your stamina by half Napping can no longer trigger dreams, and will instead restore stamina Your initial response to Ms. Dee will now have an impact on your starting Love and Lust values with all characters The Men's Boutique at the mall now sells Jeans TF Changes There is now a breakdown at the end of every night, displaying how various things are affecting your transformation, and to what extent Another balance pass has been made of TF values, which should lead to a more sensible progression It should be easier to move out of the Sissy state Fixes Orgasm feedback in interactive events now displays correctly if an action no longer moves a character closer to orgasm Choosing not to force certain actions in interactive events should now work properly Talking to Sophie at the end of the first week now correctly references "Monday the 18th" as opposed to "Next Monday" The "Commanding Serum" achievement should now trigger properly Even if Penny is being dominated by John, the player now has the option to craft serums and materials alone in the morning Penny should no longer become unresponsive in the lab until further into John's dom route Fixed "tfm" macro error Added missing notebook entry for Dakota Transforming John should no longer interfere with scripted events Added various fail-safes to prevent time to falling out of sync, hopefully fixing the occasional "September 97th" issueскачать dle 11.3

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26 February 2018 02:52
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Image Pack 3 is missing????
Mega has Image Pack 3 but it's doesen't work. The other download site have only Image Pack 1 & 2...
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2 March 2018 07:11
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Can you add 5.2.12.html and Image Pack 4 to Mega?
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