Assuming Gender Version 0.05Win/Mac/Android by Spicyotakugames

Assuming Gender Version 0.05Win/Mac/Android by Spicyotakugames
Overview: You are a guy sat at home with your sister. Every college has slammed their door in your face and it looks like this may be the end for your education until you're enlightened by some news.... literally. The Gender-fluid movement. Can you use this new movement to your advantage? PLEASE NOTE: This is my first attempt at creating anything. I am new to both game development and rendering 3d images. I value creative criticism and welcome any thoughts or ideas that I may incorporate in to this project to try and create a better game for everyone. The game is, so far, extremely short. We're talking 5-10 minutes if reading text. I've decided to release it in this current form to test the water and see the reaction. There would be no point continuing if nobody wanted this style of game right?​скачать dle 11.3

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