Damsels and Dragons Version 0.4 by Amaraine

Damsels and Dragons Version 0.4 by  Amaraine
Damsels and Dragons Version 0.4 by  Amaraine In Damsels and Dragons you play a man who is managing a group of female adventurers -- 4 at first, but more as time goes on -- forming parties, sending them on adventures, getting them magic items, etc. Over time you will gain the affection of your adventurers, learn to cast spells, and engage in acts of lust and perversion. ;) New Content: Added class, Enchantress, with appropriate renders and skills Quest to the temple added Added quest to rescue Felicity’s sister, which unlocks a minor new option for Felicity Azielle has a new enchantment she can cast. The third level of the dungeon is available, with a special boss to fight and a special reward. UI Improvements: Added a greeting for girls of very low intelligence, presumably as a result of the Ring of Bimbofication. The number of rest days each girl needs is now displayed on the town screen, if she is neither dead nor needs to level up, so that you know when it is efficient to cast Energize. There is now a button for removing just the last character from the party selection screen, rather than starting all over. Various background graphics changed Full screen renders for Sex and Rough sex Character stats moved from the left side of the screen to the right side Spell points now display with other stats for characters that use them. All Monsters now have icons (i.e., added Quasit, Homunculus, and Naga pictures) Bug Fixes: Death now properly clears statuses (Stealth,Charmed, etc..) Party wipes are handled correctly Acquiring a magic item should properly cause inferior items of the same type to be removed from the character inventory Functionality Changes: Characters now come to you in a random order for sexy time, rather than starting at the top of the roster and working their way down. Going Down option is more frequently available Kissing a girl who wants a lot more no longer increases affection, although it’s still better than ignoring her. Dead characters can no longer be left unburied or unraised indefinitely. Spell casting characters now regain some spell points after combat “Heal” now heals a finite amount of damage, to balance out the fact that a Priestess can cast it more often. “Heal All” now heals 3 damage on all characters rather than 2. Decreased gold from encounters by 10%.скачать dle 11.3

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