Pokémon Ecchi Version Version 08-16-2020 by Hinorashi

Pokémon Ecchi Version Version 08-16-2020 by Hinorashi
There is a lot of work to be done with this project, so some graphics are placeholders and some Pokémon lack illustrations. Until some pieces of music are composed for this project, those will also use placeholders. If you wish to access the Pokédex early, use the computer in the blue house next to Sunny Cycles in Cliffshore city.

Battle bugs are primarily issues with Pokémon Essentials, but I will try to address them. Enjoy.

New events.
- Additional event dialogue has been commented for easier translation.
- Some old events have been given new illustrations.
- Various bug fixes.
- Various battle bug fixes.
- Various graphics polish.
- Various audio polish.
- Region map polished up.
- Fixed a myriad of issues when F12 is used to reset the game.
- Fixed a post-battle bug with female Pokémon behaving as male Pokémon.
- Fixed a bug where Emmie failed to appear on Route 9.
- Fixed interactions with ghosts.
- Fixed a problem with Dr. Wankenstein ( still needs work; use with caution ).
- Mushroom harvesting in the KindlingWoods has been fixed.
- Relationship interactions are being overhauled in the background.
- Undressing is now animated in the overworld.
- Using certain items and calling out Pokémon is now animated in the overworld.
- Select Pokémon and Trainers will have overworld animations post-battle.
- You can now fuck your Pokémon on the overworld from the party menu.
- Your Pokémon can now fuck some trainers in the overworld if the graphics exist for it.
- Interactions with Jamie and the player's Pokémon during the North Kindling Woods event adjusted for new system.
- Grimer, Magikarp, and Rhyhorn lines illustrated ( thanks to Jill Ashford ).
- A new part-time job is available in Ashwood City for trainers with the Charcoal Badge.
- Bug Catcher Eric event in the Kindling Woods now has an associated illustration.
- Jamie's Glade is accessible by Fly after completing her event in the Kindling Woods.скачать dle 11.3

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How far can you go in the game? I just beat the 3rd gym, and i don't know where to go now. Is there more added yet or not?
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