Third Crisis v0.15 by AnduoGames

Third Crisis v0.15 by AnduoGames
Third Crisis is an adult tactical-RPG that follows the adventurer and hero known as Vibe. After a mission gone wrong, she’s forced to adjust to her new way of life in the lust-ridden town of Carceburg. Whether she gives in to the bliss of submission or uses her sexual appeal to her advantage on the battlefield is all up to you! As you delve deeper into Carceburg’s mysteries, you’ll come to uncover the secrets surrounding the crisis that saw humanity defeated and enslaved by the sinister organization Peitho.

Changelog- Added main story content that includes a new CG and h-scene to go with it! (0.15.0)- Added three new townhall events that feature a new character sprite, a new fullyanimated CG, and multiple new non-animated CG sets. (0.15.0)- Added a few interactions to people in Carceburg when naked.- Added new tileset for the abandoned house and fourth Floria flashback scene.- Added new replacement CG set to replace the old CGs of the Leath Circle Jerk scenefrom the prologue.- Added Vibrodash ability to Jenna in the flashbacks.- Modified loading screen backgrounds to be slightly animated (massive gameplaychange).- Modified Unity version to 2019.2.0f1, updated Playmaker and A*Pathfinding.- Modified character movement in combat for much faster movement speeds so combatcan be less sluggish.- Fixed Wildfire bad-end accidentally autosaving, causing the gameover continue buttonto loop you back to the end of the bad-end.- Fixed gameover screen causing your pause menu to be unopenable until the game isrestarted.- Fixed gear shop owner not noticing if your equipment is damaged.- Fixed bug that gets you stuck in the prostitution room after the last scene.- Fixed bug that causes you to not get your items back when (saving > closing game >loading) after items were taken away (Fiend Hub and Bartending).- Fixed bug that can cause some dialogues to break when they end.- Fixed Gear Shop owner not wanting to talk to Jenna when she has cum on her.- Fixed Oozer explosion effect disappearing too fast.- Fixed bug with barmixing recipebook text sometimes not showing on some resolutions.скачать dle 11.3

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