Bimbo Life Coach v0.3.1 fixed by lifecoaching

Bimbo Life Coach v0.3.1 fixed by lifecoaching
Bimbo Life Coach throws you into the life of a once-successful businessman who has blown almost all his money on partying and turning a succession of girlfriends into bimbos. Realising the gravity of his situation, but also appreciating his skill for turning women into bimbos, he launches Bimbo Life Coaching. Rather than find yet another young woman to satisfy his drive to build the perfect bimbo, he decides to work as a life coach - New York's first Bimbo Life Coach.



- New series of e-mails and interactions with Tan regarding Hang's transformation

- Charlotte goes to college

- two events for Charlotte's college path

- New Tan sex scenes and development

- Two new Ana scenes (girl from the coffee shop)

Bugs and fixes:

- Fixed the save text colour

- Friday option to wakeup and skip to BLC meeting

- Made a fair few changes to how the game itself is programmed, cutting down on the confusing code on my end and allowing the game to expand more naturally.

- New autosave method, autosaves at sleep page each morning. This is because sometimes you will be unable to go back, due to the above changes.

- Consolidated some pages to limit duplication/etc.

- Fixed an issue with the 8-hour sleep system

- Fixed the Isaac guide count errorскачать dle 11.3

Size: 726 Mb


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