Sunny Coast College v1.1.1 by Dekarous

Sunny Coast College v1.1.1 by Dekarous
The story takes place on the Sunny Coast College grounds and you are tasked to find a partner for the upcoming Valentine's Ball, protect your brother from his cruel bullies and manage to survive the machinations of the sadistic girls you meet along the way.
The game is a classic non-combat RPG with multiple choices and branching storylines. I put a lot of emphasis on replayability and choices that matter, at times you'll have to replay a scenario more than 6 times to see all the possible outcomes. The game has no traditional combat at all, but you can die or get hurt depending on the choices you make. This is not a visual novel. It's an open world RPG that puts a lot of emphasis on text based choices and actions.

Version 1.1.1
Hotfix version.
Fixed missing sound file during the Nicole scene in the Eatery.
Fixed conditions to still get the Nicole scene in class even if you talk to Ivy first (dating Ivy)
Switched naming for East/West Wing
You can no longer get the Ariah room scene if you didn't sacrifice yourself in the Ball
Fixed Laura crying in the pond scene
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