Young Maria: v 8.3.0 by MariaMod

Young Maria: v 8.3.0 by MariaMod
Your family moved into a big city. New life, new money, new friends. Be as bad as you want!
Well, what did I find?

UPD 8.3.0
- Returned Farm scenes back to life (visit settings). Now the link in Changelog (7.0.0) can open an additional porn category in Laptop->Masturbate, but nothing more
- I removed the Settings Check Widget and created a new Problem Solver unit. It will check and fix settings errors. Well, it should. I tried, and it worked for me
- Added a new link to the Living room. Now you can choose between the usual school outfit and "the lewdest" one. If you have a lewd school skirt, it will be applied. If you have a lewd school uniform - it will be put on
- Fixed issues with changing clothes (Beach). Plus, now you should buy Bikini panties with Bikini. It's required, yes
- Fixed age adding after Birthday (the "181 years" issue)
- Deleted some "Step" words in Stats. They look bad there, you know... Too many words
- Added a new lesbian scene in vivid dreams. This one is Rachael's, too
- Added a lot of Rachael's fixes and improvements
- Thanks to all people who submit changes via GitHub. I respect and remember you, but have totally no time...скачать dle 11.3

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