Young Maria: Impreg v 6.0.0 by MariaMod

Young Maria: Impreg v 6.0.0 by MariaMod
Your family moved into a big city. New life, new money, new friends. Be as bad as you want!
Well, what did I find?

UPD 6.0.0
- Added a Stay Home bonus. +10 points to all stats of all family members. It's a free one-time bonus. Go to the Cheat menu to take it!
- Added pregnancy. You can be impregnated with a 5% chance. Then you have 25 days to earn $700 for an abort or face the "End: Mother" - the first end in this game. Take birth control pills! Also, you can't be impregnated during your periods
- Now you can use razors, birth control pills, tampons, vitamins. I added/fixed everything needed
- At the same time, I deleted pads and lubricants - they are useless, anyway~
- Razors - for shaving you know what. Gives your pussy a "shaved" state and adds 2 points to Attractiveness. The next day this state will be changed to "stubble", and it adds 1 point. And the last state - "hairy" - adds nothing. Use them in the bathroom. The current state you can always check in the Character Info menu
- Birth control pills - make you infertile for one day before 00:00. Take them in the bathroom
- Vitamins - take them in the morning to add 10 Energy to Max Energy
- In the morning, you can see a list with "morning routine", like eat vitamins, shave legs, take a shower, comb hair, brush teeth, take a birth control pill. You can check what you want to do and do this automatically! If you do everything at once, it will take ~40 minutes
- Also, I spent a lot of time trying to solve the problem of "forgetting" variables (SugarCube often do this) and developed a Problem Solver. You can find it in the Help menu. Run it if you have problems
- Now you can sell all kind of photos you take
- Fixed a lot of dead pic links
- Fixed a few errors, too
- Now every sex event affect your sex stats
- From now, you can sleep only after 20:00. This will help the game to count days and run based on day change events properly
- Fixed (for the third time, if I'm not mistaken) location display when exploring the city. I checked, and everything works fine to me
- Now you can see in stats what day of your periods is today and are you on pills or not (or don't need them due to some reasons)
- Also, I changed prices for some items
- Sure thing, I changed a lot of hidden code. Some changes will help to load saves of this version into next versions (excuse my bad English)

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