Life and Death v0.6 by Hellspawn

Life and Death v0.6 by Hellspawn
You start the game dying on the battlefield.
You are the last survivor of a great battle against the armies of Hell.
As your about to draw your last breath you hear a voice.
A mysterious woman who says her name is Death heals you and sent you on a mission:
To fuck your way to Hell in a quest for women, undead sexy corpses and magic items that will allow you to break the defenses of Hell and save the world.
There are women, zombies, and little elves awaiting you to show them what kind of hero you.

There is a new girl to "corrupt". This time is very simple and a little gory.
That's a total of 6 girls for your Harem, plus the enemies and guardians there are 11 girls with at least 1 sex scene each.
I will rest from this for a couple of months, it has been fun but it became a little boring after a while and I want to be fresh and rested to make the last part of the game.
So far the game has
Anal, Handjob, Boobjob, Blowjob, Masturbation and almost any other position I could use that didn't mess the models too much.
Big tits/ass/cock
All scenes are repeatable except the clicking temple games that you all hate.скачать dle 11.3

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