Unaware Of The World v0.09 Extended by Unaware Team

Unaware Of The World v0.09 Extended by Unaware Team
Main character is an innocent, beautiful 21 years old girl who left her family house in a small village and moved to the big city in order to start her new, adult life. Totally unaware of the big world and with no experience with an opposite sex, she will have to find a way to pay the bills to keep her new flat. She will struggle and try to overcome the dangers of the daily life (in her work, on the streets, and even in her house), and it's up to the player which path she will choose and how low she will fall.

Changelog v0.09

Reworked and polished many mechanics.
Removed uncommon screen resolutions from the list. They broke too many things.
Improved character movement with mouse and touch screen.
Added 5 hats & 4 glasses. NPCs have a chance to wear them, too.
Improved overall female character art and male head art, and increased face variation.
Ears can be modified now and come in 2 variants for all characters.
Added 2 cheats - Skip Time to "U" button (It forwards time by 1 hour) and Double Speed (doubles player's speed). Keep in mind that using these 2 cheats can cause bugs.
Players can access windows of all settings, inventory, cheats etc. during the dialogue. Only exceptions are the save/load and skip time features.
Added new setting - Show Use Icons. It shows which objects are interactable without having to hover over them.
Added Local Shop to the West Street.
Shady Dealer's dialogues updated and changed, and added random event with a very low chance to occur, if you talk with him.
Changed font to something that supports non-English letters (experimental).
Jane usually needs to be dressed up for events with other characters to occur while at home.
Added a flow of time. 5 in-game minutes pass every 5 real-life secs (experimental).
Sun position also updates every 5 minutes instead of every hour.
Jane will get kicked out from the location or finish working, if it's too late or they are closing.
Player's name and game version are now displayed on saved slots.
Added money icon to the HUD.
Made dialogue errors more spot on the requirements.
Blocked text skipping during screen fade to prevent bugs.
Added elevator sound. Such an important change.

Fixed many minor and major bugs.
Fixed bug that prevented any interaction after accessing wardrobe.
Fixed bug that triggered "lost consciousness" event despite still having energy.
Fixed NPCs during fallen down event in the Red Light District.
Fixed character movement while loading game.
Fixed few dialogues based on the Lewdness stat in the Red Light District.
Fixed wrong body size of bald guys in Kevin's Bar.
Fixed wrong signs on the toilet's doors in the Park.скачать dle 11.3

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