Unaware Of The World v0.08 by Unaware Team

Unaware Of The World v0.08 by Unaware Team
Main character is an innocent, beautiful 21 years old girl who left her family house in a small village and moved to the big city in order to start her new, adult life. Totally unaware of the big world and with no experience with an opposite sex, she will have to find a way to pay the bills to keep her new flat. She will struggle and try to overcome the dangers of the daily life (in her work, on the streets, and even in her house), and it's up to the player which path she will choose and how low she will fall.

Changelog v0.08


Fixed many smaller bugs.
Fixed few bugs that prevented Kinky Nymph route.
Fixed few cases of not refreshing an animation after finishing a dialogue.
Fixed tooltips not showing up in a stat window.
Fixed in-game windows not fully blocking interaction with the world.
Fixed missing screen fade out while resting in a bed.
Added drinking sound to energy drink.

Added new map - Park with a public toilet.
Added few glory hole scenes to the park's public toilet.
Added scene with a loss of consciousness to the Red Light District.
Added armchair and chair to Kinky Nymph Room.
Removed handjob animations from Kinky Nymph work.
Added 4 new woman on top for chair/armchair and 1 cowgirl animations for Kinky Nymph work.
Added cheat to toggle virginity.
Events important to the game progress have increasing chance of occurring every time they fail roll, up to 100% chance.
Changed algorithm for syncing animations. It might desync some stuff.
Changed algorithm for losing virginity.
Removed cleanliness requirement for leaving home.
Jane needs 25 lewdness to leave home without wearing bra, and 50 without panties.
Added sound when changing location through a dialogue.
Few more smaller changes.

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