Welcome v0.2 by Armand Ribo

Welcome v0.2 by Armand Ribo
This time, I suggest you play your own role. By intervening in a world that does not belong to you, it is your choices that will lead those around you and the body you will get to an uncertain destiny. Have you ever played with a male main character in the middle of his future harem or with a female main character destined to become the world's biggest prostitute?
I'm sure of it, so let me introduce something different, dark and endearing.


+ Hundreds of new animations and pictures.

+ Android version.

+ The game have been badly crunched thanks to Ryahn, Bas and this wonderful Rencruncher.

+ New sex scenes with new and old friend.

+ Access at the end of the game to the list of completions of the version (with pictures to help).

+ The 4rd day out (after all we are Saturday today...)

+ Old saves from v0.1.3 should work.

- Frenglish (if there is really a lot of lack of understanding of one or more sentences thank you for letting me know ...).скачать dle 11.3

Size: 426 Mb


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