Anomaly Vault v5 by NoodleJacuzzi

Anomaly Vault v5 by NoodleJacuzzi
You play as a researcher performing experiments on various reality warping artifacts, currently including a presence-erasing bracelet and a crate that converts anything inside into a hypersexualized version of itself. It's quite short because I try not to use any kind of grinding or filler if possible.

The game includes some female portraits, but you're still referred to as a man. I've added an option to start the game as a futanari, so you'll properly be referred to as a woman in dialogue.

And here's the changelog:

--- New content

Mod support! I'll write a tutorial for it as soon as I can, but basically the game can now load external scenarios through the cabinet in the storage department. You'll need to get promoted to being an agent, which requires at least day 5. The only scenario for now is intro, the same content as was in the anomaly hunter demo from the last version.

New artifact: Free ___ Sign with 3 scenes

New dark vault artifact: Nymph Mirror with 2 scenes written by Captain Cryptogreek

1 new scene for the Reprehensive Bracelet, written by Swallows999

--- Typos and bugfixes

Hopefully fixed the CSS bug on the Anomaly Hunter mission on Chrome browsers.

You can now choose your name when skipping the prologue.

Katya now has a logbook entry.

Dark vault scenes replayed in the gallery should no longer teleport you to the dark vault after viewing them.

--- Other changes:

Character colors have now been implemented which should cause scenes to read a little more easily.

You can now choose from three modestly dressed guys in the intro and with the fashionista's lamp in the toolbox department. The old femboi/trans images are now behind a cheat code since some people felt they were distracting.

Let me know if you're interested in writing a mod for the game, what kind of artifacts you'd like me to focus on, and what you'd write on the free ___ sign. Next update should be sooner and have a lot more, I was writing up until the very moment of posting this, Feb has been an exhausting month for me. Above all else though I hope you enjoy!скачать dle 11.3

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