The Watch v0.4 by Whisper Gaming

The Watch v0.4 by Whisper Gaming
You find yourself managing a property being rented by three women. The landlord put you there because of your history together. You will have to navigate the feud between the landlord and his tenants while piecing together the mysterious events that brought them together in the first place. Will you protect the girls or feed them to the monsters? Will you get revenge for what happened to you or become the monster yourself?

Change Log:

Bug Fixes:

Small stuff - Fixed a typo causing a crash when paying the difference in rent payments. Preemptively fixed outfit variables that would cause non-existent images to get loaded into scenes. Replaced M side images and ME tv scene images.


Cleaned up the Sneak game one more time to make it more obvious how different variables are affecting your scores.


M book quest progression

E tv quest introduction

S main quest progression on friendly path and bargain path. Made it easier to prevent late-night visits on all paths

C main quest progression

Small Events: Buying supplies for the girls.скачать dle 11.3

Size: 791 Mb


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