Fresh Starts v0.0.4a by LordOfChange

Fresh Starts v0.0.4a by LordOfChange
Fresh Starts is a game where you finally move away from your home town to the big city, but Hutinberg is an unforgiving place and you might need to do... immoral things in order to make your place in the town. To what lenghts are you willing to go to stay in the city? Will you stay true to who you are, or will you change to try to fit in? Only time will tell...

Hotfix 0.0.4a

-Fixed the bad conditional expression during your encounter with Kara at the Red Vixen
-Fixed a broken image in the Toy Tester Event
-Fixed rear and breast sizes not displaying properly in the profile

Alpha 0.0.4: The Big City Update

-Added Backstories
-Crossdresser (Legacy gameplay)
-Jock (Harder to slip into sissy content, health doesn't affect sport)
-Nerd (Bonus when studying, health doesn't affect studying)
-Rich Kid (Easy start with laptop and extra money)
-Acting and Dancing skills are now added to the game
-Crossdressing Detection and Convincingness

-Red Light District (4 new sublocations)
-The Show 'n Tail (strip club - male/shemale): New job, can attend as a client
-The Blue Moon (strip club - female/sissy): New job, can attend as a client
-Underground Clinic: Extreme sizes+Admorvils
-Forever 69: Maid Dress and 15 completely new clothing items
-Downtown: Includes all previous locations
-Hospital: (New event, unlocks the Underground Clinic)
-College: Acting and Dancing programs now give you skill points in their respective skills.
-Tenebria: 3 new items
-Hush: 5 new items
-Uptown: (3 new locations)
-Spa: (Improve dignity and lower certain stats)
-Holt-Oritz Engineering: (New job)
-Elsa & Rose: 11 new items

-Added (New job)
-icoast (replaced Maid Dress with Lolita Garter Set)

-Overhauled the travel screens
-Overhauled the mall

-All gifs have been converted to m4v
-Managed to introduce save compatibility starting with this version (Hooray!)
-Reframed some images to remove stretching
-Changed Goth Heels and Red Pumps pictures
-A whole bunch of spelling and grammar errors were corrected!

-Fixed the confirmation for sewing/business and acting class saying you were in the homekeeping program.
-Fixed Cheats
-Fixed Undercut and Shaving (female) setting hairstyle to "blank"
-Fixed Remove button on thighs removing your boxers/panties instead
-Fixed Debug Waiting
-Fixed the Sexy School Girl Uniform not being wearable
-Fixed Tailed Plug detection for Kitty Cat job
-Fixed Toy Tester event's pay
-Fixed Green Wig button checking for Rainbow Wig
-Fixed Sport Top button
-Fixed Pastel Thighs buttonскачать dle 11.3

Size: 35 Mb


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