Beaverdale Falls v0.2.1 bugfix by DeviousDev

Beaverdale Falls v0.2.1 bugfix by DeviousDev

Welcome to Beaverdale Falls!

Home of the Fighting Beavers and the Flying Beavettes!

After breaking away from your family and the stresses of city life, you decide to strike out on your own and put your sordid past behind you.

You find the quaintest town and enroll at a nearby college to finish your education. All you want to do is go to school, make some friends, and have a normal college experience with parties, girls, and stressing out for exams!

You won’t let the fact that the random dating app hookup you went on was your Principal...
Or most of your teachers are related and seem to need your help after class...
Or that your family assigned a violent, bloodthirsty bodyguard to watch your every move.
Nothing will stop you from having the life you want!

You’re in control!

Welcome to Beaverdale Falls!

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