Horizon of Passion Reworking v0.7 by Line of lust

Horizon of Passion Reworking  v0.7 by Line of lust
You are an ordinary guy in a normal American city. Soon, you will have the opportunity to leave your family in the area. Your mom and sister decided to change the situation and move to the new place. As it turns out, you are going to move to a new place where you and your family are hoping for a new, radiant life.

I re-rendered all the scenes in 4K (more 500 scenes), created smooth animations in video format (before it was just 3-4 scenes), added note system so it was convenient to understand how to act on the plot, added snapshot system so you can take pictures and sell these pictures in intimate moments, added improved dialogue in many places and added small plots in sex shop scenes and Alex's house. I think this is enough to advance the game and show how much better everything is and now the game has potential,скачать dle 11.3

Size: 350 Mb


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Line of lust
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17 June 2020 13:18
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The images of the game are not actual.
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