Whoremaker by Dopefish Release 16

Whoremaker by Dopefish Release 16
a slave management game.
Release 16 - Renovation 
New Content: 
Major additions
  • Added a new slave, Naomi! She's black. 
    All appropriate images (face, pussy, ass, tits, asshole) added. 
    She is still to be considered placeholder like slave 2 and 3 as she has no story. [Patreon Request]
  • Added a Hand skill for slaves - for giving pleasure with their hands (handjobs, masturbation, massage, etc). [Patreon Request]
  • Added a Dance skill for slaves - it represents how well they can move their body (stripping, lap-dancing, hot-dogging, titfucking, etc). [Patreon Request]
  • The SelfView page has been totally remade. It now also shows pictures for your face, penis, legs, ass, and chest.
  • The Advance Week page has also been totally remade with images and more information.
  • The economy has been reworked! You'll now earn less cash from pretty much everything, but things have been adjusted in price accordingly.
  • Added a SexScene that unlocks once a slave's Dance Skill is high enough.
  • Added two very brief showering Random Events, exclusive to the new slave Naomi. They unlock once she has large enough breasts.
  • Added a Stripping Scene with groping. Unlocks with large enough breasts and good enough dancing.
  • Added five new scenes to the Office: 1 Oral, 2 Sex, 2 Anal. They unlock as you unlock the appropriate tasks for your slaves.
  • Added a stripping scene for the Office that unlocks once a slave's Dance Skill is high enough.
  • Added another stripping scene in the Office that unlocks when you buy a Viewing Booth.
  • Finished the unfinished Bondage Sex scene. It now requires you to own Advanced bondage gear. This scene changes slightly if you get the new Personal Assistant.
  • Remade the HandjobUnlock scene, the previous scene was an unfinished placeholder.
  • Updated the intro with images. Also changed some of the text and fixed some typos. 
    Thanks to DerpTheDark for some of the images and inspiration.
  • You can now enable/disable certain normally-automatic interactions with your slaves, on a per-slave basis. It disables certain events from playing. 
    There is currently no benefit from disabling anything, it's to enable choice of preferred content. Eventually, it might be part of a larger system involving things such as slave virginity. 
    It works for Office scenes and some Random Events right now. [Patreon Request]
  • The Kitchen upgrade has been reimagined and split into two different upgrades (Repair Kitchen and Hire Chef).
  • There is a new Bar upgrade for the Brothel.
  • You can now hire a Personal Assistant and a Bartender.
Bugfixes and Changes: 
Gameplay & Balance
  • Major changes to the costs and upkeep costs of all facilities. The entire economy has been rebalanced.
  • Rent is now paid every 8 weeks instead of every 10 weeks, and the cost has been adjusted.
  • Your starting income is now 0.
  • Reworked BeautyMod - it no longer takes submissiveness into account, and is now stored instead of being temporary. It is displayed on the Inspect Slave page. 
    Beauty can currently only be gotten from growing bigger tits, bigger ass, and bigger lips - but I'd like to make it a lot more varied in the future, with other things you can do to your slaves to increase their beauty, and without forcing you to go for asset expansion.
  • Reworked the earnings from all prostitution tasks and events. Submissiveness no longer gives extra money. Skills matter more.
  • Reworked how Viewing Booths work - they now give a lot less income but scale as you unlock more tasks for your slaves.
  • Titfucking is now based on a combination of Hand and Dance skill rather than Sex Skill.
  • Training your slaves give them a lot more skill points than before. 
    Since you're not earning money and using energy, it needs to be worth it to personally train slaves.
  • Several events that previously didn't give any skill now train slaves in the appropriate skill.
  • You can no longer easily bypass the submissiveness requirement to change a slave's name.
  • You now earn progressively more money working in the Office as the weeks go on. It's still not a particularly good way to make money!
  • Made sex scenes in the Office happen a lot less often. (but there are many more of them!)
  • Made random events more common, again.
  • Random events no longer default to the unfinished money scene. Instead, you'll get more slave events.
  • You can now choose to "do neither" in the RestaurantGloryhole event.
  • Rebecca now starts with 3 energy instead of 2.
  • The changelog is now split into sub-categories, and has a new-and-improved look!
  • The save menu was unreadable with the colours inverted. Fixed! (Thanks Michael_57!)
  • Continued hiding away debug text into debug mode. I think it's all gone now.
  • Fixed several typos and formatting errors.
  • Updated the look of parts of the Inspect Slave page.
  • Updated the game's main stylesheet. The primary difference is that the game now stretches out a bit further to the sides of your browser window.
  • Fixed some display issues with BruceMessage-scenes.
  • Leg-shaving hint text now disappears if you shave your legs.
  • Updated the AssDesc widget - asses are now described more pleasantly throughout the game.
  • Updated the CockDesc widget - Cocks are now described in a more consistent way throughout the game.
  • Shuffled around some of the Influence improvements. For example, injecting yourself with nanites now comes later.
  • Changed a picture and the description of Bondage gear on the InspectSelf page.
  • Minor changes to SissyHypno6 (many more words added to the blinking texts. It now tells you explicitly that you have acquired new items).
  • Minor changes to all Hypno scenes (more pink text).
  • Renamed 'rent' to 'debt payment' and similar phrases. You actually own the brothel and aren't paying rent. Carl will still explain it as 'rent'.
  • Minor graphical changes to the Slave page.
  • Fixed messages from Bruce being invisible with inverted colours (Thanks Koda!)
  • Made changes to several Tooltips.
  • Reworked items/inventory. The game now tracks an actual inventory, rather than it being ad-hoc.
  • Updated to SugarCube 2.29.0
  • Renamed some passages. (No change for players.)

Known bugs:
  • The Inspect Slave page does not display properly on very small resolutions. Play the game in a larger window to fix.
  • Tooltips might appear in the wrong place if you're running the game in a small window.
  • Not exactly a bug, but there are currently no options to train slaves in Hand or Dance skill.
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