Whoremaker by Dopefish Release 17

Whoremaker by Dopefish Release 17
a slave management game.
Release 17 - Buddy Bruce 
New Content: 
Major additions
  • Added the option to train your slave's Hand Skill.
  • Added the option to train your slave's Dance Skill.
  • You can hire Bruce as a bouncer/security guard after a certain point in the story.

  • Added BruceFirstFuck, the much-awaited continuation of the Bruce/Sissy storyline. Co-written by Elboba.
  • Added ProtectionMoney, a scene where a man and a woman from a local gang extort you for protection money. If you're submissive enough, you're able to be dominated by both of them in a bisexual sex scene. It unlocks by purchasing the Bar and having a bit of money saved up.
  • Added BruceBeer, a scene where you platonically share a beer with Bruce. You can also hire him to work for you. It unlocks after you've seen ProtectionMoney.
  • The Bruce storyline now splits off into a feminized and non-feminized path. You can now refuse to wear panties, but still get Bruce to keep an interest in you, just without the feminization.
  • There's a new sex scene with Bruce if you choose to stay masculine.
  • Added 4 quick Hand Training scenes. 1 unlocks when you have unlocked titfucking, 1 unlocks by getting the Spa.
  • Added a longer Hand Training scene. It has several major variants depending both on a slave's submissiveness and Hand Skill.
  • Added 5 quick Dance training scenes. 1 unlocks when you buy the Bar.
  • Added a quick Handjob scene with mutual masturbation. It unlocks after a slave is submissive enough.
  • Added 4 new Sissy Hypnosis scenes, and made minor changes to a few others. Moved the order of hypnosis scenes, there should now be a better sense of progression between events.
  • One of the new hypno scenes has a huge amount of variations depending on several of your stats. Experiment with the following: Having the Assistant or not, Rebecca being dominant or not. You having high influence or not. There's a whole extra sex scene hidden in there, try to find it!
  • Renamed the unfinished event MoneyGain to MoneyEvent and wrote a bunch of short events for it. This is in effect 13 new random events. 2 of them has nudity. It now also has a chance to cause you to lose money. Scene made more common now that it has some actual content.
  • Added a toggle to disable Sissy content. (This might currently miss a few scenes.)
  • You can now change how you want your slaves to address you from the InspectSelf page.
Bugfixes and Changes: 
Gameplay & Balance
  • Fixed an oversight where ToiletPiss would only ever play a single scene variant. You now unlock it earlier and it has three variants as intended that unlock depending on a slave's submissiveness. (Thanks Botopa!)
  • Titfucking can now be unlocked before you build the ROS (You can give slaves larger tits before needing the ROS) - and now also requires a certain level of submissiveness from the slave.
  • RestaurantGloryhole now gives the chosen slave a little bit of Oral Skill.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Handjobs to be by far the most valuable type of task.
  • Added a few new synonyms for various words.
  • Fixed energy gain/loss being displayed incorrectly in some cases.
  • RestaurantGloryhole's gay scene now gives a max of ¤200 Cash.
  • Updated the look of the sidebar slightly and changed the order of some things.
  • Graphical upgrades of the SelfView page.
  • Changed one of the SelfView Cock-pictures and changed the order of two others.
  • Fixed an issue where CockDesc would be broken sometimes.
  • Fixed some other issues with all description macros, they were printing nonsense occasionally.
  • Fixed Girly Items not appearing in your inventory like they should.
  • Fixed "rent" messages still showing up, and appearing to cost money even after your debt was paid off.
  • Made minor changes to BruceMessage4.
  • A message now displays when the PC loses his 'anal toy virginity'.
  • Added variable PCDildoed, for if the PC has had a dildo/toy up his ass.
  • Added variable SlaveIsDominant, to make multiple paths easier to code.
  • Added variable PCHypno1, to make certain checks easier.
  • Made some debugging code a bit more user-friendly. Only applicable to debug builds.
  • Made changes to the CSS-stylesheet to make it easier to remember which character uses what text.

Known bugs:
  • The Inspect Slave page does not display properly on very small resolutions. Play the game in a larger window to fix.
  • Tooltips might appear in the wrong place if you're running the game in a small window.
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