Exchange Student v0.6.1d by LokiArt

Exchange Student v0.6.1d by LokiArt
The story is played in an alternate universe which is similar to ours. Here your male character who is a university student decides to join in an exchange student program, where two universities from different countries exchange students. These students will spend one semester in their new institution. All of the exchange students will live at a host family and the university decides who will go to which family. The story will focus on the main character's life at the host family. Unfortiunately his name is usually given to girls in this new country and because of this he was put to a host family where they were expecting a female student. And this is where his story will start.

What's new:

- The rest of Lily's content and updated hints according to it

- Changed the way to go around the city (basicly I removed the random options to go here and there, now you will only have the city as an option where you will find everything)

And this is it.

Although I have some comments and tips for this update.

Firstly: Lily's main event can be quite long and as I mentioned in posts (monthes ago) it's completely random but the rollback is enabled so you can use it to your advantage. It has a ton of "lore", some funny, some generic. I also tried to make Kellen into a likable character, I hope you will appreciate it. (A note here: there won't be serious dares with him and Lily so no worries.) One last thing, there were some dares that needed some rework so I didn't include those but I will include them in 0.6.1 or 0.6.2 which will most likely come at september so MAKE A SAVE before the "minigame" starts.

Secondly: bugs. There might be some so please report them and I will fix them asap. (The more detailed the description is the quicker I can fix it.)

Thirdly: During testing I had a thought that the "minigame" might be boring for some of you so if you guys want (I think) I can add a skip option. Give me feedback on this.скачать dle 11.3

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