Lolita Gone Wild vCG82b by pepette

Lolita Gone Wild vCG82b by pepette
You play as Lolita, a young student who just turned 18.
More than anything else, she wants to emancipate herself and no longer wants to be an ingenue.
You will have to help her discover life : she will have to find a job to pay her rent, buy food and clothes (and other less avowable things).
She'll also have to do well in school, keep fit by playing sports, discover her body...
She will meet many people to help her with this last task.

Old saves will work BUT, however, I strongly advise you to start a new game again because the logic of the story might be disturbed.
To update your savegame, you just need to get out of a building OR enter the CGroom.
(read the pdf in the game folder)

VER CG82b : fix
- bad file for a map blocking access to a part of the CGs (thanks euphoniousmonk)

VER CG82a : third release
- 3.21 GB
- 82 CG
- 4580 Pics

- FIX :
- Fix some EnGrish (thanks maxx mad)
- fix bug in the pool when you buy an other ticket without going out (thanks 666bbb666)
- Fix CG in the mens room when change at school doesn’t trigger (thanks PanNeo79)
- fix first maid job CG doesn't trigger (thanks Frurose)
- Fix untranslated French sentence when you want to go elsewhere than to school (thanks Hentai-kun-81)
- Fix the freeze when you approch a doc in hospital
- Fix bug church confession wrongly accuses you of cheating (thanks ustar)
- Fix the through-wall of the gloryhole (thanks Hentai-kun-81, persnik, t1ant)
- Fix some bug in the gloryhole (thanks persnik, ustar)

- Move some « help books » that were in the way (CGroom, CheatRoom)
- Change the rules to keep the plug at night
- redo the 4 intro pictures in HD

- ADD :
- Add 7 CGs when you take the bus
- Add 3 CGs in the gloryhole (via the customer grid)
- Add 2 CGs drug cure at Hospital (temporary sperm addiction)
- Add CGs flash tits in bar (thanks ray3dave)
- Add lubricant use (allow anal if you are not skilled)

- impossible to change back at Beach cabin (report by popa25)
- untranslate sentence at beach (report by YuriNeko)
- Bug with red underwear change (report by puffmutter)
- crash when you leave the gloryhole (report by persnik, ustar)

Sorry if I forgot to mention your name...
You are so much making me feedback ! It's really cool. Thank you very much !
As I already said in this thread, this version is less dense than expected. Because of the Covid family came to live in my house and I couldn't work on the game in front of them.
But I still managed to make 877 images and 13 new CGs.
Take care of yourself !скачать dle 11.3

Size: 3200 Mb


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