Celestial Memoir v1.0.1by Agent Nova

Celestial Memoir v1.0.1by Agent Nova
Current Project: Celestial Memoir
Follow Holly as she attempts to recover her memory and find her purpose in a strange land. She will encounter many new faces on her journey, and maybe a few old ones. Some of them will be willing to help her, while others may be interested in "other" things. This game has a futuristic/sci-fi fantasy setting. Made with RPGMaker MV and Daz3d.

- Adjusted the "Lost but not forgotten" quest. You now need to speak to the NPC again after the boss battle. This should fix issues with freezing/hanging after the battle. (Also fixes a possible outcome of losing yet still completing the quest.)
- Fixed an issue with arena battles. Battles are now locked until progressing the quest. Saves with battles completed will retain progress and become accessible again once advancing the quest. Talk to the orc at the entrance if you ended up getting locked out of the orc zone.скачать dle 11.3

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