In Her Own Hands v0.3.1 by Surprise & Delight Media

In Her Own Hands v0.3.1 by Surprise & Delight Media

I could never have imagined the life that I have now. I live each day with no regrets, but that wasn’t always the case.

I was always the "good girl" who did everything perfectly. I colored inside the lines and never knew what I was missing. When I caught my boyfriend cheating with my best friend, I decided enough was enough. I left college and moved to the city, taking my life in my own hands. Now each day is an adventure, especially for someone as inexperienced at...well, I happen to be. Moving in with two hot guys started me down a path of temptation, and I'm only looking forward from here. I can't wait to share all my experiences with you.

Minor error/bug fixes

New events with "Devilish Dad" (several dates, BDSM content)
New repeatable events with Shaun at home
New repeatable events with Shaun at Club
New repeatable event with Bobby at home
New events with Abby
New event with Jasmynn
New activity in Park
Random events/new locations exploring the city
Random, repeatable text messages
New books in bookstore, bedroom
Improvement to Wardrobe system (removal of Laundry requirement)
Several bug and error fixes, text corrections
Experimental system to update saved games from one version to next (see Developer Notes)скачать dle 11.3

Size: 280 Mb


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