The Sixth Awakening v0.5c by The Sixth Historian

The Sixth Awakening v0.5c by The Sixth Historian
The game allows you to create your own character and allows you to play the game in your own unique way. From dozens of dialogue options to various ways to specialise your character, every playthrough of the game will be unique and tailored to your tastes.

- Added new main story content counting over 5400 words
- Added command centre interface
- Added 10 command centre missions counting over 4800 words
- Changed how the NPC selector screen works because the old way was causing problems. Which is why, as the next point suggests, it is highly advised to create a new save file as soon as possible
- It is recommended to start a new save file for this version. But if you really want to continue on your old one (which I would not advise doing for long) and the game crashes on loading the game, rollback a few times and see if that fixes the crashскачать dle 11.3

Size: 1700 Mb


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