The Company Version 6.1 by Westane

The Company Version 6.1 by Westane
The Company is an AIF game set in the universe established by Wandrer on the ASSTR database, with his permission. This game focuses on the very early years of The Company before it became what Wandrer made it into, and aside from the entity itself borrows little to nothing else from his works. You choose your character's name and gender and set off down a path of corruption, perversion, and control. As the game progresses, you\'ll encounter more people to corrupt, and more ways to do it utilizing the various devices and drugs you'll develop in the Company laboratory.
The Company - Update 6.1

System Changes

Due to a dizzying number of back-end changes, saves from any version of The Company earlier than 6.0.4 are no longer valid
Many of the following changes are at the engine level, and are not actually implemented in existing content yet. However, they are all functional
NPC's all have associated breast, vagina, ass, and penis sizes
NPC's now have "moods" that can change and affect the tone of their commentary
NPC's will note the player's name, gender, breast size, makeup, and hair length, and clothing style (casual, formal, girly, slutty, etc.) upon meeting them
NPC's will note the player's genitals and genital sizes upon seeing them
NPC's will remember if the player was in chastity and, if they know who put them in chastity, will remember that as well
NPC's will remember if they've seen the MC's penis, vagina, or naked body, and will remember if the MC has seen theirs.
NPC's will remember what types of sexual acts they have engaged in with the MC
NPC's can compare the MC's breasts, vagina, ass, and penis sizes with their own
NPC's can tell when the MC's name, gender, hair length, breast size, ass size, vagina size, penis length, clothing style, or makeup application has changed since they last noted said attribute
NPC's can now refer to the player by NPC-unique names
There is now a 5-day window after a player transformation where NPC's will comment on said transformation
NPC's can now comment on various character attributes. They can note changes, compare attributes to themselves, and change the tone of their comments
A total of 37 new tracking parameters have been added to all NPC's
All tracking occurs on a per-NPC basis, so if one character knows something, it doesn't necessarily mean anyone else will
A new loading bar has been added to the startup process of the game
When the player is either a Bimbo, or Very Submissive (or both) it will display as such in the player's dialogue boxes
Starting with this version, save handling has been improved significantly, which should allow better save compatibility moving forward. This currently affects version 6.0.4 and higher
Starting with Penny, the conversation engine is shifting to a new backend that allows for much better handling of random conversations. This ties into the better save management and will be expanding to all characters and events in Update 6.2
Starting with Penny, serums now have cooldown periods once again. You'll need to wait 2 days after dosing a character with MCS-1, 4 days with MCS-2, and 6 days with MCS-3, before you can dose that character again
Saya will pop in now and again with some new micro tutorials
The Notebook will now have a "New!" flag when characters have new notebook entries
Additionally, each character in the Notebook will have a "New!" flag if they have new notebook entries
New cheat added!
FASTPASS - Sets all serum cooldowns to 1 day

Comment Engine Integration

Presently, NPCs will comment on the PC's outfit, breasts, and (when applicable) transformation state at fixed points in the game
Characters' moods will change at certain points in the game where appropriate
This is VERY early and incomplete implementation of the new system meant to give players an idea of what to expect moving forward

New Content

17 new conversation events for Penny
14 total serum events for Penny
12 new random events for Penny
Several new scene variations based on Penny's serum state
Streamlined several events leading to John's Dom Route
Updated existing events where Penny gets used by John
Updated dialogue on main lab screen after Penny's been taken by John
Updated morning "Wait For Penny" event after she's been taken by John
Updated bathroom event when submitting to John with minor dialogue tweaks
Updated John's TF event. You'll now need to visit him multiple nights in the lab and no longer need to craft the TFM-1 serum yourself. The event has been updated so that Penny will be providing the serum. This will also resolve conflicts with the Sean task
Dialogue with Penny and Tasha during lunch now changes after initially finding Penny with John
After joining in with Penny and John, a new event unlocks in John's office during lunchtime
Dialogue in new event will update slightly after the initial encounter
Penny's dose route has been updated
You'll now be able to dose her twice to either obey you or act slutty
You'll be able to change your mind and choose the dose you didn't the first time, but ultimately you'll have to commit to one path or the other to progress
Starting either of her paths will add some flavor to the first time you see her with John if going down that route
Obedience Route possibilities
Early immunity to John's advances
Additional serum production
Additional serum income
Self-testing MCS serums
Self-testing TFM serum
Slutty Route Possibilities
Early, easier access to Penny's apartment
Act slutty around all coworkers
Whore self out to staff and give you profits
Discover inner dominance, gain immunity to John's advances
Embrace inner dominance, gain a new look
Fleshed out personal arc
Romancing Penny does not require any serum interaction
Two new date events can shape your future relationship with Penny


Renamed some enhancements, removing numeral suffix
Fixed Sophie's dose events occasionally appearing blank
Fixed Tasha's selfie photo not displaying when calling her in the evening
Fixed Genital Degenerator disappearing after single use
Fixed several errors in Penny's existing serum scenes
Added "Back" button in Report Issue screen
Added notification when capping Corruption stat
Removed use of "Shemale" as a player identifier
Meeting the criteria for that gender state will still trigger the TF event and change the player's visuals. Only the word itself has been removed
Changed player's Bimbo images
John should no longer try to force himself on you in the bathroom after turning into Chanel
Fixed several spelling/grammar issuesскачать dle 11.3

Size: 1630 Mb


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