Milf Pursuit v0.9.1 by Dabbi

Milf Pursuit v0.9.1 by Dabbi
Milf Pursuit is an adult visual novel/dating sim hybrid about an overweight, unemployed NEET whose life miraculously takes a turn for the better. Maintaining a unique fetish for curvy, older women, the former loser is more than ecstatic when he wakes up in an unknown laboratory with a new, ripped body and a massive cock. After meeting a busty doctor, he learns that he's tasked with a single, naughty objective - to fuck as many milfs as possible.

After taking a flight to Mylfington - a town with an astronomically high population of meaty mature women - the protagonists begins his adventure. Dozens of horny milfs, intricate storylines and sexual debauchery awaits! Welcome to Milf Pursuit!


~1 hour worth of new content for Dr. Farrow, Mallory, Betsy and Lenora
10k+ new words of content
2 new characters: Lenora Titsworth and Vicky
New location unlocked on the map: The mayor's house
New dream unlocked: Lorice femdom
New Busts:

Lenora Titsworth

Several new CG art for the 4 characters that have new content
Multiple new animations for sex scenes and plot
Bug fixes/Changes:

Minor bug fixes
Sex Scenes:

3 new H-scenes, with multiple animations. 1 for Betsy, 1 for Dr. Farrow, and 1 for Mallory
Sex scenes include blowjobs, tit-fucking and anal.скачать dle 11.3

Size: 1770 Mb


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