Love Love My Buddy Ver. 1.021a by Megrim

Love Love My Buddy Ver. 1.021a by Megrim
Love Love! My Buddy is an open-ended fantasy RPG with a male protagonist. How you live is your choice. You have succeeded your father, an adventurer, in his death. Will you rescue your mother from the oppression of the town leader? Will you go on a bender causing villainy and cruelty. Or maybe you'll find someone and fall in love. Choose your path and marriage partner among 10 women. Loads of erotic events and characters await in Megrim's multi-ending erotic RPG.

:=:=: Love love! About My Buddy:Cross Version 1.021:=:=:


From this text, "Love Love! My Buddy: Cross Version 1.020b"
 The changes that were made when the version was upgraded to “Love Love!

For basic information such as operation methods, see the separate text "readme".

● Note

 The new version may have some problems, so
Please do not discard the data of past versions.

Also, in updating, we are trying to reuse the save data of the past version,
Items that cannot be inherited or malfunctions may occur due to specification changes.

If the new specifications are not reflected, or if a problem occurs,
Sorry, we recommend playing the game with new data.

Thank you for your understanding.

■ Newly added element

・We added specifications that some event contents and choices change depending on the degree of nastyness in some "resident heroines".

* Target heroine: Blaze Horny Avante

・・・Nymphotics 20: Possession of "mask of love guy"

・・・Nasty degree 30: Opening of erotic events corresponding to the possibility of possession of “anal beads”.

*Additional requirement for erotic events is that you have had sex with the target character for the third time or more.
*If opened, the option “Training: Anal beads” will be added when selecting an erotic event.

Dirty degree 40: Added an option to specify the insertion location for some erotic events.

* Target erotic events: "Blaze's heart (1/2)", "Honey's main pocket (1/2)" "Avante's release (1/2)"
*New sentences and lines have been added to the above events.

・・・Nasty degree 50: Change the name used only when two people are alone.

・・・Nasty degree 75: Ahe face exposed after cum.

・Specification of passing items that could not be delivered to some "resident heroines",
Added conversation option "Show another appearance (Costume change)".

* Target heroine: Blaze Horny Avante
*While possessing the corresponding item, the option to transfer the corresponding item is displayed before the conversation with the heroine.
*If you pass the corresponding item, you can change the standing picture with the conversation option "Show another figure (change clothes)".
*It does not support existing erotic events.

-Added "I want to see you (current costume)", an option to look at a standing picture, to some conversation options with the "resident heroine".

* Target heroine: Blaze Horny Avante
*If the target training count is 0, the "nasty degree" will increase after the event.

・Added item "Anal beads" and related erotic event "Training: Anal beads".

*You can purchase it at the “Costume Shop” in “Magic City Nephro”.
* Target heroine: Blaze Horny Avante
*You will be able to pass it if the subject's nymphotics are above a certain level.
*If you pass the item, it will be treated as consumed and will disappear from the list on the item screen.
* May be lost depending on the frequency of use within the event.
If the item is lost, the event options will not appear, so you need to pass it again.

・An image direction has been added to the events "Another viewpoint: Swinging the chief's waist" and "Another viewpoint: Counterattacking the chief".

・The item "Anal beads" has been added to the items that can be exchanged at the "currency for play" in the "house of sosha".

-Added the display of "Supporters" at the ending.

*Please note that some people may not be reflected depending on the timing of the contract.
*If you have any omissions or wish to change the display name, please contact us at the support site you are using.
*Hangul characters are posted in English by machine translation. please note that.

■ Adjustments and changes

・The position of the common event of the event "Bullet: XX" has been changed.

* If you can no longer see it in "Gallery", you will need to try again.

Changed the movement speed of NPC "Maskudo Castle Guard".

・A part of the "Horney" dialogue has been changed.

Changed the condition of the option "with different taste" to be added to the conversation with "Avante" to "Two or more sexual intercourse with the target".

Changed the erotic event "Collapse of Majesty" to correspond to the costume of "Avante" at the start of the event.

Changed the text and sound effects of the erotic event "One night with the chief (2/2)".

Changed the sound effects of the erotic events "Another viewpoint: Swinging the chief's waist" and "Another viewpoint: Counterattacking the chief".

・The description of the following items has been changed.

* Changed items: micro bikini, red line, sweet bunny, mask of love guy

■ Bug fixes

・Part of the text of the erotic event "Sylvia: Aokan" is for Lucia.
・The piston speed at the rear view at the erotic event "One night with the chief (2/2)" is incorrect.

■Currently known defects (There is no plan to fix because the cause cannot be identified)

-There may be cases where enemies who are unable to battle will not disappear.скачать dle 11.3

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