Daddy's Goodnight Kiss 2 - Version 9.1 by Dirty Secret Studio

Daddy's Goodnight Kiss 2 - Version 9.1 by Dirty Secret Studio
About Game
When you catch your daughter touching herself late one night your taboo desires are awakened. Daddy's Goodnight Kiss is a game about choices. You can choose to grab your daughter's ass or stick your tongue down her throat, but you have to live with the consequences. You can choose to pester your wife for sex or choose to drag her secretary into the bathroom for a quickie. And if you want to have a corrupting influence? Well, maybe you'll have to be clever and wait for the right chance.
This one expands the map and adds a few new locations, a ton of new items, as well as progress with Sam and a big night club scene with multiple paths through it. By number of renders and words this is by a large margin my biggest update yet.
This is a 1080p remaster of Goodnight Kiss. It's a work in progress, with about 30% of the renders from the original replaced. All the original context is available (with upscaled versions of the renders that aren't ready yet), along with a few bug fixes.

You tried to be a good man, a good husband and a good influence, but temptation comes roaring back when you catch Emily, a college co-ed renting a bedroom in your house, playing with herself. Can you control yourself with Brenda; Emily's bad-girl best friend, Samantha; your best friend's daughter, or any of the other women around? Or will you embrace your bad side and bring every woman in town into your harem?

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