The Tyrant version 0.8.5 by Saddoggames

The Tyrant version 0.8.5 by Saddoggames
version 0.7 is now ready. It contains the messenger, which will be a important part in the game for dates, random events and messages of course. The messenger contains just a little stuff, but with it the technical settings are done for the game (maybe a replay room or gallery, but this will happen in the last update then). A important part of the messenger is also not activated yet, there'll be a script patch in the next few days, the content for it are already in the game.

Changelog for 0.8.5:
- 1 extended event with Alexis at 9pm in her room (need 20/40 love or corruption) to see all
- 1 new event for Cassandra and for Nicole at 4 pm in the basement for love/corruption and NTR paths (Love and Corruption paths are in the helper, for NTR do it once in love or corruption path, then do it again with low relationship)
- 1 new event with Bruce. This triggers automatically, when you get Cassandra or Nicole to a certain point on their love or corruption path. (Just play one of their paths to the end).
- Finished all clothing events. Cassandra will at one event wear only their level 1 clothes, when she came home, and when a girl still wears her normal clothes, it‘s supposed to be for that event that they won‘t change their clothing.
- Fixed some bugs and updated the helper. The NTR night events with Alexis and Nicole will now rotate randomly, at some point it was not possible to see both of them.скачать dle 11.3

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Mega upload again XDD
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please guys fix that megaupload bug..
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