The Tyrant version 0.9.4b by Saddoggames

The Tyrant version 0.9.4b by Saddoggames
version 0.7 is now ready. It contains the messenger, which will be a important part in the game for dates, random events and messages of course. The messenger contains just a little stuff, but with it the technical settings are done for the game (maybe a replay room or gallery, but this will happen in the last update then). A important part of the messenger is also not activated yet, there'll be a script patch in the next few days, the content for it are already in the game.

Changelog for version 0.9.4
- weekend trips (love) for Nicole and Alexis
- weekend trips for Nicole, Alexis and Cassandra (NTR). Just go on a corruption or love trip with them and have to low relationship and their other NTR events before, see helper.
- A new event with Cassandra when she‘s your basement slut (corruption, 9am)
- more training with Cassandra before she have her second event in the basement (corruption, 9am)
- a event in the parents room at 7pm after you told Bruce to get his hands off Nicole
- some repeatable events won‘t occur anymore when a character has passed a certain point. The repeating at this point won‘t make any sense. (for example the meeting of Martin at the front door at 2pm)
- some repeatable event are reworked, so the haven‘t the same text every time
- you won‘t lose relationship points any longer when NTR is off (that makes no sense then)
- the shaky relation events are gone, that experiment was crap
- bugfixingскачать dle 11.3

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Mega upload again XDD
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please guys fix that megaupload bug..
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