The Tyrant version 0.65 Win/Mac/Android by Saddoggames+Mod

The Tyrant version 0.65 Win/Mac/Android by Saddoggames+Mod
I noticed that version 0.6 has a bug. It's impossible to start Cassandra's basement event properly. Here's the fix. I also fixed some other small things, like Nicole wearing wrong clothes etc.

Also I made a walkthrough for the events that need be done in a chronology to progress.

To apply the fix, overwrite the old scripts.rpa file with the new one. You can find it in the "The Tyrant/game/" folder
the update 0.65 is now ready. It contains the new helping system, which contains the main paths for love, corruption and alexis‘ NTR path (for other characters NTR is no walkthrough needed). The helping system itself have a visual bug, since I couldn‘t solve my scrollbar problem, but it‘s just some text lapping out of the background box, so nothing which interfere with the helping system itself. The scrollbar problem is also the reason why I didn‘t put the messenger in this update, I think I found now a good resolution to solve this now, but I don‘t want to delay this update any longer. So the messenger may come in the next update.
Additional in this update are the outings for Nicole and Cassandra as your sluts for the corruption paths and some humiliaton options for Bruce. They‘re are not repeatable for now, but have some variations, so you need to save before to play it all. Also a date option for Irina (you can start it from your room at 9pm, until the messenger is in the game), which is seperated in two parts. The second part has some sexual options and will help you to gain points for her faster. In the second part are only options for corruption in now, the love options will follow in the next update. It‘s seperated in two parts, so I can add other date options for the first part in the future (places to go with her) and it‘s repeatable of course. NTR is also part of the content, you‘ll find it when you play the content above with low relationship (5 or lower).


Story additions for nearly all encounters
Voyeur path - MC (y) Girls (y) - Sexy times with Strangers
NTR path - MC (n) Girls (y) - Sexy times with Strangers
Revenge path - MC(n)Girls(n) - Sexy times with Strangers
Sadist path - MC (y) Girls (n) - Sexy times with Strangers
Love and Corruptions paths extended and flipped script scenes
Flipped Script scenes are Love events written as Corruption events and vise versa
Some edited pictures for path variation
Added scenes from fan-art and my own renders
Cheats in the phone menu which can be accessed with the Chats button
Change Love and Corruption point values
Reset stats for the girls
Select path preferences for Voyeur, NTR, Revenge or Sadist
Turn Incest off or on
Add money or items
Unlock all dates
Wallpaper menu added which can be accessed with the Fotos button
Choose between 16 available wallpapers and the original blank wallpaper
Move icons to the top or bottom of the phone as desired
Updated UI - Work in Progressскачать dle 11.3

Size: 1850 Mb


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