The Tyrant version 0.7 Fix by Saddoggames+Compressed Version

The Tyrant version 0.7 Fix by Saddoggames+Compressed Version
version 0.7 is now ready. It contains the messenger, which will be a important part in the game for dates, random events and messages of course. The messenger contains just a little stuff, but with it the technical settings are done for the game (maybe a replay room or gallery, but this will happen in the last update then). A important part of the messenger is also not activated yet, there'll be a script patch in the next few days, the content for it are already in the game.
- the love options for Irina's date
- the second lesbian date between Alexis and Irina (with NTR also, but only for the NTR path of course), Note: the event before in the players room must be done again, I forgot to set a trigger.
- a new animation (when you have sex with Alexis at her love date)
- adding a option to name your saves
- set the frames to transparent, so there's no background on the text anymore (more to see from the images)
- the messenger, which you can use to find events or go on dates and receive messages
- adding some images, for giving gifts were some missing
- fixing some bugs (not all, others will be done with the script-patch)
The messenger itself need some polishing (also script-patch), but it's working for the planned things. And there're some changes, you'll get a invitation through the messenger for the following events:
- Dates with Irina
- The new lesbian date
- The NTR date between Davide and Alexis at the secret place (weekend)
- The NTR subway event with Nicole (weekend)
Also you'll receive some messages from Nicole, (love path) and you can reply to them (love or corruption). But you can only reply to the latest message, so if you want to get the chance to reply to all of them you can start a new game or cheat the points lower. She can also send you images. Corruption and NTR-player have to wait for the patch, then I'll activate there options. 
All messages you receive happens to a certain time and maybe a certain day (Irina dates and NTR-stuff), so you need to play maybe a few days until you get a message.

here's a fix for the intro-bug, when the question text didn't disappear. Just copy the script.rpa file in your "game" folder and overwrite the old one.
After having a challenge with getting rid of all the bugs the messenger had, it's a little embarrassing that I oversaw that, my apologies.
Another hint for getting on the lesbian date, the help-system will get an update with the mentioned script-patch in a fews day too.  
Do or redo the first meeting between Alexis and Irina in the players room. To achieve it show Alexis lesbian porn 4 times before. Then let her clean your room at 5pm. (to start it help her with her homework at 1pm, dining room).
When she saw it 4 times and Irina has more then 20 love or 20 corruption the event will start. Afterwards you'll get a message at another time. Then you can start the second lesbian encounter.скачать dle 11.3

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please guys fix that megaupload bug..
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