NymphoKyun – SlaveBar Ver 19.11.15

NymphoKyun – SlaveBar Ver 19.11.15
// Story
The story evolves around a human-slave in a world ruled by the noble race of elfs. Our protagonist takes over a bar and transforms it into an h-bar, in which are served dishes made of body fluids (cum,saliva,sweat...). These fluids are collected thru h-acts with the 'ingretient-bearer', the coupling usually is based on the gained/found recipes for the 'fetish dishes'. Apart from taking care of the bar and subjucating deeper into lust your slaves, you'll need to hunt and and tame more slaves (which usually require a special approach described in their recipe). Also there will be a lot of mysteries to explore, secrets to uncover and abilities to learn.

// New Stuff (most of them)

- New fapet: Neko

- New NPCs: KnightFemale, Lily, ParasiteLamia

- New Map segments + polishes to existing ones

- Quest System: CrowdNPCs, Quest Locators, Quests progress and info in Book, overhead indicators (available,in-progress,completed,shop)

- CrowdShops

- QuestTypes (Book): Story, Normal (CrowdQuests), Special (ex.: Sheep Taming), Ability

- HUD: FollowerCount, Tips (Esc>Options>Help)

- Followers auto-teleport near player (especially usefull with slow fapets)

- SelfCommands: MultiCall, StopAll, Sleep

- StaminaTimer: if reached 0 stamina - will have a few seconds until Nishy faints

- Sleep-Save: sleep near a fapet to keep it (if not in nest)

usefull if fapet is sleeping (can't be transported)
limited to 1 fapet, priority goes: Followers > nearest tamed fapet
- LustScreen Effect

- Nishy's shy state while in crowded areas and not dressed proprely (no panties, no top cloths, teared cloths)

- Fapets UI Polished: Heart Icon's fillness (red color) now represents Essence stat (in percentage)

- New default LowCloths (on equip - will auto add themselves)

Customize Cabin auto-detects available tabs
- ClothsRepair polish:

Price is boosted with every repair and reseted every week)
is now a command on interaction with TC (she's near Black's barn at the blacksmith building)
- Monologue changed to gray text

- Normalized audio

- Stamina consumption affected by hAct partner's level (added to formulas paper and help bookmark)

CharA Lvl - CharB Lvl = difference / 5 = consumed stamina (for CharB)

/ Additional

- Arrousment boost: F2 to toggle on-off

- Shop (cloths) moved to TC's Shop

- Polished Loading Popup: correctly detects latest saveDate and loads the latest played mode (char load + auto focus on that game mode option)скачать dle 11.3

Size: 631 Mb


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Does anyone know a password to this archive?
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Snoops,password nymphokyun
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