Life Choices Version by Burningsun

Life Choices Version by Burningsun
You've lived all your life in a small village adjacent to The Lake District. You never realy been to a big city as mum and dad told you Liverpool and Manchester were full of dangers. But a week after you turned 17 you're parents got divorced and you were forced to choose who to live with. There was no right or wrong choice, still whatever choice you wanted to make felt wrong, as if you were cheating on the other parent. So that is the start and a year later Lizzy ends up in Amsterdam. Will she be able to not fall into the dangerous downward spiral of drugs, sex, prostitution and the like? It is up to you.

Version - changelog - 08/10/2019
- Fixed the opening times from the strip club which was preventing Lizzy from working there on Sunday when walking towards the strip club. - ty rwR, phaos0, Miannie83 & DarkMoc
- Fixed a video path typo in one of the club pickup scenarios.
- Fixed the virginity checks when following a nice guy home from the club. They now should show the correct message again. - ty shizzlenizzle
- Added an additional message at the Red Light District letting players know that there is no more content. - ty max_002
- Fixed a link to a video in one of the stripclub scenarios. - ty Logiq & laladon
- The public toilet in the Bijlmer is now usable again. - ty laladon
- When arriving home late during the week, the game now checks the time properly and tells you to go to sleep. - ty _Skyfire_
- The game now checks the time properly when enjoying the beach. - ty MrGreenFrailejon
- Sitting on the bench in the park for an hour now does no longer consume energy. - ty gongo_g
- Fixed a textual error in one of the pickup scenes when using a condom but then suddenly not using one. - ty VictorHayes
- Fixed an issue where refusing to take coke with the couple while being a virgin would lead automatically to the next day. - ty VictorHayes
- Fixed an issue where the BJ scene in the stripclub could not be triggered and fixed the scene as well... damn full of errors but luckily you guys didn't see it as it was untriggerable if that is a word lol. - ty Xill
- Fixed an issue where the stripping experience would stop at 27. - ty Xill
- Fixed some city center menu irregularities.
- Dancing in the strip club now increases fame, depending on actions taken. - ty Xillскачать dle 11.3

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