Agents of Heels – Misadventures of Agent Romanov- Version 0.12 by beWilder

Agents of Heels – Misadventures of Agent Romanov- Version 0.12 by beWilder
Overview: Agent Romanov is an active Agent of Heels and takes part in missions every now and then. Some of them end up slightly worse than anticipated, but she has never found herself in a situation she couldn’t handle on her own… not until now that is. Help Agent Romanov choose the right decisions (or not) as she discovers and interacts with a new life form. See her freed from the struggle of a really… really invasive parasite or help her get more and more powerful as she loses what’s left of her humanity. The story is yours; we just take care of the writing. The story will develop as the users ask for it, so you can make your own decisions inside and out the game. The story is obviously already written but nothing is carved on stone. If you have a big enough chisel, you’ll find the stone you need in this Patreon polls and posts.

0.12.0 Patch Notes

- Technical information

⦁ Version: 0.12.0
⦁ Weight: 2.67 GB
⦁ Weight Packed: 1.86 GB

- Content

⦁ Added a whole new day to the gameplay once again!

⦁ Added 3 full new scenes (technically 4). 1 Main Story scene with Good and Corrupt Nat text variants plus a completely unique Bad Nat path. 2 Side Event scenes in the Good and Corrupt Nat’s Cat/Subject32 event line, bringing that side story into line with the Bad Path and nearing conclusion.

1 Main story scene with Scout, where the duo infiltrate/assault the Maeda Cartel’s warehouse as per Miller’s orders. New info, and more, are revealed to the team and the player. Comes with 2 distinct and unique paths, the Good and Corrupt side having their own variants while Bad side has its own pathway.

First Cat/Subject 32 Side Event scene, where Nat and Cat join forces and gear up for the counter hunt of their target. This scene marks an important development in their relationship and future beWilderverse events. This scene contains extensive environmental modelling and design we plan on keeping.

A second Cat/Subject 32 Side Event scene, where Nat and Cat work together to catch or kill their target. Depending on choices and stats, characters can cause outcomes similar to the Bad Nat path version, as well as cause x-rated results. Be on your toes if you don’t like that kind of content, it is avoidable if you pay attention!

⦁A new permanent outfit for Cat: Agency Cat Suit, to replace her Homemade Cat Suit in certain paths.

⦁ 85 new CGs, 20,000+ new words of Text and Dialogue.скачать dle 11.3

Size: 1780 Mb


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