My New Family Tree v1.0.4a by Two Jura

My New Family Tree v1.0.4a by Two Jura
An unusual story about a young man and his extraordinary discovery.
One night, on the day when life seemed to be going well, something started to happen.
Some strange sounds start to spread around the house. Unfortunately, everyone in the house slept and the sounds do not stop.
The sounds seem to come from his mother's wardrobe.
Finding nothing disturbing, he decides to go back to his room, but by passing next the mirror he notices something strange.

[First release]
v 1.0.4a

- All statistics in the [progress] menu are prepared for version 1.0.6. Don't be influenced by what they show.

+ new graphic for entire game / simple pixel art ready (next version?)
+ "Your Life Stage" fully functional /
+ HUD - 'good boy - bad boy' current status notification /
+ added "Gallery" in pause menu /
+ added "hide text box" with right mouse button /
- removed Patreon button / + added SubscribeStar button (main menu) /
- removed Pixiv button / + added Happy Lewd House button (main menu) / (edit. Removed HLH button)
+ added Percentage indicator of progress (Storyline, Bonus, H-scenes, update) /
+ added Characters informations tab (pause menu) /
+ [Farm] Added 20 pictures 'Grandma's photos' hidden on the map (entire farm) /
+ removed 'golden apples' content /
+ added new tutorials / many icons and notifications /
+ custom sprites: grandma, MC (more to come) /
+ 2 animations
+ Intro + first day + second day + third dayскачать dle 11.3

Size: 965 Mb


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