Big Kuyash 0.25 from Avenger Eng/Rus

Big Kuyash  0.25 from Avenger Eng/Rus
Technical part

As was told earlier venereal sores at Sonya have appeared in the game. So far she can catch only herpes if often takes for a cheek at unknown men:d When it happens you will see it on her face, to be exact on lips that will give minus to her beauty. It is possible to treat him having bought antiviral medicine in drugstore. Not to be too hard, the sore can be caught only from casual communications, that means not from NPC, they by default like healthy. The exception can be only if the NPC not the homeless, but yet such in a game isn't present. :)

It doesn't mean that now Sonya won't be able to take on the party as they say, just consequences have appeared now if you strongly operate it rot:d Well and still it should be added if Sonya has caught a cold, then her immunity is weakened and therefore the probability to catch a venereal illness increases, but not much more.

Also in some corrections have been made, all of them will be written in the detailed list below, plus household functions of type are added to devour on others hut and the feature is added filled in the female NPC.

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