HentaiHighSchool+ Version 1.9.5 update #44

HentaiHighSchool+ Version 1.9.5 update #44
Censorship: It turns on and off in the game settings
Developer / Publisher:henthighschool
Platform: PC
Publication Type: Original (official)
LanguageGame : English
General Gameplay:
Carmen Smith story line updated: Note that much of the story, story choices, and actions/paths, have changed
General seduction elements and options updated. E.g. Chat (interests and flirt) is now more of a seduction game built around personalities
Overall re-balancing of starting stats (corrects various issues introduced in 2017, and as reported by tahau)
Subjects Guide added (Principals Primer)
Timetable amended so you are less likely to make mistakes, and can now choose the classroom (see updated help)
Your clothing amended to be more descriptive (and less numerical in nature): Take the time to read the updated Wardrobe >> Help to understand
Added some new girl names (handpicked from the mod of 22mice)
Statistics tab is now separated into individual sub-tabs for the different statistic topics

21: """If Susan is a very corrupted Futa, her penis may not be visible at work """
Goes to folder: Schools\NormalSchool\Events\PaperDollHandlers
(Works in an existing game )

22: """Exception thrown by 'Student Escapee' (a behind school event) """
Goes to folder: \Schools\NormalSchool\Events\Location\School\Behind School
(Works in an existing game )

The .zip file below fixes another obtuse bug:
• After sending people to your place via Mind Control, the people will end up in an odd state if another event puts you into your bedroom
▪ e.g.: You send people home, but then get someone to follow you home
▪ Was fairly minor, as just passing time cleared the condition
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