Towergirls Kingdom Conquest Version 0.16.2 by Towerfag

Towergirls Kingdom Conquest Version 0.16.2 by Towerfag
Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest is a RPG-Strategical game hybrid where you, the Knight, will have to decide the fortunes of a kingdom, plunged in war after the sudden disappearance of the former ruler, the Dragon Princess.
The world is split in two big regions, with everything a RPG needs: there are cities, hidden dungeons, events laying around, a lot of NPCs... and each region is home to the reigns of 10 different princesses, adding up to the grand total of 20 different, and unique ones!

Fixed King Cucco getting stuck after kill
Fixed Komachi crashing while giving prisoner costume
Fixed Komachi dying in after 1 day you don’t feed her instead of 1 week
Fixed Cat units sprites in battle
Fixed Pink Iron gift to Human Princess crash
Fixed most of save-file loading crashes
Disabled switching during flight
Fixed switching while inside the wheat fields causing sprite swaps
Fixed crash happened by talking with Silene (green dragon)
Fixed sexy time in tent giving wrong animations
Wyvern battlefuck fixed
Fixed Insect Menu popping up during the fight in the Princess’ chamber
Fixed crash happening after getting some kinds of sperm from enemies
Fixed Dog Princess crash while she tries to kick out a Progeny from your team
Fixed sex on the Civil Boat looping
Fixed BMG crash in Kobold’s room
Fixed getting asked in the tent twice to finish the sexy time
Fixed Fairy Princess mispellings
Fixed TPing out of Slumbering City
Fixed passability issues in the Entrance of the Queen’s Spire
Fixed ability to move around during sex in Kobold’s room
Fixed BGM crash during Moth boss fight
Fixed Mouse Tinkerer sprite not getting shown when the Clocktown is empty
Fixed crashes happening while flying over mountains with Wyvern or Knight
Fixed crash happening during Lacomia route
Fixed Kobold Princess ending up in all the tent sex animations
Fixed Eggs hatching during slave auctions
Fixed typos in Mimic Princess’ scene
Fixed permanent poison after fight in the cave South of Skeleton’s
Fixed getting stuck in Mandrya (blue dragon) door if not facing it correctly
Fixed crazed ghosts sprites during “Assist GhostP” quest
Fixed Skull Crawlers crashes in Dog’s abandoned town
Fixed sprite and crash happening while turning back from rabbit form in Rabbit P questline
Fixed crash happening when Harvest surrenders during a siege
Fixed Ghost and Slime NPCs crash in Hunter’s Terrace
Fixed Frog Princess not continuing the “Down the Drain” quest
You cannot lift the ghosts barrier before waking up Ghost P anymore
Fixed Beach treasure hunt items spawing inside the water

Complete art overhaul
Every girl’s new look is covered in here!
The game has more than doubled (7500 16700 files) its art assets!
Every main Princess (plus Drider, Lamia and the Dragons) is now randomizable
Princess’ units are now randomizable
Complete interface overhaul
New World Maps added (Kingdom Below, Kingdom Above, Sea Kingdom)
Harvest Reign added
Harvest Princess added
Wyvern Princess added
Crystal Princess added
Moss Princess added
Crusader Princess added
Dragon Progeny added
Drider Progeny added
Lamia Progeny added
Church of Conquest faction added
Queen faction added
Wyvern route opens
Skeleton route opens
Ghost Princess questline reworked
Skeleton Princess questline reworked
Several new Campsite scenes added
Mandrya, Dragon Princess, ending added
Added NSFW animations for Slime NPCs
Added NSFW animation for Human Princess
Added NSFW animations for Insect NPCs
Added NSFW animations for Moth NPCs
Added NSFW animations for Dragon NPCs
Added NSFW animations for Mouse NPCs
Added NSFW animations for Desert NPCs
Added NSFW animations for Ghost NPCs
Added NSFW animations for Goblin NPCs
Added NSFW animation for Mimic Princess
Added NSFW animation for Faun Princess
Added NSFW animation for Rabbit Princess
Added NSFW animation for Frog Princess
Added NSFW animations for Cat Princess
Added NSFW animations for Human NPCs
Added NSFW animations for Kobold NPCs
Added NSFW animations for Dog NPCs
Added NSFW animations for Golem NPCs
Added NSFW animations for Skeleton NPCs
Lewd events all around the Kingdom added
Added around 90 new maps all around the Kingdom
Added 30+ new items
Complete Slave Auctions rework
Progeny rework #1 Breeding
Progeny rework #2 Releasing
Progeny rework #3 Chromosomes
Progeny rework #4 Equipments
Progeny rework #5 Costumes
Every NPC in the game and everyone in your Progeny can now wear the same costumesthe Princesses do!
We already had well over 100k possible looks for the Progeny, but with the addition of costumes the variabity has risen over 1 million!

Progeny rework #6 Shinies!
Progeny rework #7 Slaves (unique dialogues, renaming, “Master” titles)
Added meeting zone #1 Hunter’s Terrace
Added meeting zone #2 Lamia Ruins
Added meeting zone #3 Slime Pool
Added meeting zone #4 Beach
Added meeting zone #5 Civil Boat
Added meeting zone #6 Dragon’s Spire Inner Garden
Added meeting zone #7 Golden Stump (it’s ready, but will release in v0.16.1)
Added meeting zone #8 Torture Chambers
Several new tracks of the OST added
JukeBox added!
Flight mechanics added
Dive mechanics added
Added hazardous zones (freeze, heat, poison)
Soul Wishes added
Necromancy added
Life Force mechanics added
Kingdom Lewdness mechanics added
Eggs added (for kobold, insect, moth, drider, lamia and dragon progenies)скачать dle 11.3

Size: 741 Mb


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