Harem Island Version 0.8a+CG by ERONIVERSE

Harem Island Version 0.8a+CG by ERONIVERSE
Overview: I hope you'll like it! I personally enjoy it better than everything I've created! (and there is no the RPG features yet!) - ERONIVERSE Plot: You're crashing on an island, you were a lot to survive but it seems this island is unknown and contains many dangerous species... more weird, it seems creatures are focused on attacking males only... It will contain a big variety of characters, and some Fantasy race such as fairies elves, orcs...

The main reason is that the scene is too loud to be loaded if you don't have a good PC.

I've split the elements of the scenes, and deleted some useless elements.

You now have a loading progress bar ^^.

I've also been reported about a quest of Miki not triggering, It's fixed (Something was not activated)

Dev aspect: Changing some animation names, changing a line on battle system, Adding few lines when loading the Game, Changing soem quest descriptions.
So here is your bugs that should have been fixed:
Momo's battle was bugged
Some quests was still ???, it was the case when you loaded a game from 0.7e
Some quests didn't trigger, it was because there were another a requirement, I've added it into their descriptions.
Many weird things in the battle. (Orgasms were 100% 300% 500% etc.. instead of 100% 200% 300%... and many focus animations).

Change log:
Sex battle: It's now a real game-play. You have 6 rounds to make her cum or not, each round had 1 perfect choice, 1 normal, and 1 bad. Your sex skill increase the values. If you don't have skill enough, you can just learn the girl's path.
FULL ANIMATED with new animations & updates.
Available for battles: Miki, Sophie, Momo, Okaa-Sama, Caroline, Pink.
Also for the Ex girlfriend, Berza and Nii in the story.
You can only do it once you f*cked her in the story.
Sex skill is now useful for Battles and is increased in different moments in the game's story. Some variables have been removed.
Blowjobs: You can now ask the girls to blowjob you again (new animations)
Available for BJ: Sophie, Miki, Momo, Okaa-Sama, Caroline, Nikita, Griev, Pink.
Content for Nikita, Griev, Caroline, Pink, just follow the Quest tab in game^^.
(Sex battles & BJ are not in the Quest tab)
Also Added a new place, the khals's room.
Bit of optimisation concerning the GPUскачать dle 11.3

Size: 682 Mb


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