Due Process Version by kivik

Due Process Version  by kivik
Change Log Change log: Content: - Added Karen loyalty test content - Includes 4 scenarios that you can put Karen through, though one requires unlocking - I'm not 100% certain how well it flows, and adjustments will be made in the future - I hadn't finished the follow up content with Catherine, which I will be adding this week - Added save file so you can start (almost) immediately at the new content (should take 7 in game days to begin). Note: game hint is enabled by default. - Changed wording for when you run out of topics of conversations with NPCs (from them having nothing to say to you, to you running out of things to talk to them about) - Changed hunger growth for all characters (now characters can stay at 0 hunger for a bit longer) Bug Fixes: - Fixed slave Karen's name coming up as Catherine when she goes home - Removed version checking on game load to prevent unsolved bugs - Fixed hints not showing up in last version Under the Hood: - Enhanced room mechanics so player can temporarily be moved to another room and show characters in that room during scenes (rather than player movement) - Enhanced some image functions to take more adhoc inputs - Enhanced Events mechanics to take new schedule after creation Known Issues: - Hypnosis has become too powerful at least for Anna. Will further play test and tweak this weekскачать dle 11.3

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