Big Brother: Fan Remake Version 0.09 Win/Mac Fix10 by PornGodNoob

Big Brother: Fan Remake Version 0.09 Win/Mac Fix10 by PornGodNoob
Version 0.09:
Innovations and additions:
- Updated "School" location
- Added new location and new events with Olivia and Diana
- Added possibility to change the font size of dialogs for phones.
- The number of the applied commit will be displayed before the main menu. In the left part above the material support buttons.
- Added the ability to skip days at night when you are in your room.
- An icon of missed messages has been added to the game interface.
- Added a new look and feel of the Save menu and the ability to give names to the saved messages.
- Added 5 new achievements.
- For phones, added the ability to increase the font in the phone in the "Passage" tab
The slider is located only in the Passage tab, but the font changes in the Modes tab as well.

Changes and corrections:
- Replaced renderings with new ones in the School Games event
- The code displaying character icons by location has been redesigned.
- The code with character names has been redesigned.
Removed a lot of repetitions in the text, because of the bent names. Removed the ability to change names for Katia and Olivia. Playing in Russian, their names or nicknames of characters should be bent on the cases.
- Changed the code of mentions.
- Changed the code of achievements.
- Changed the code of movement on transport.
- Changed the statistics code.
- Yoga with Anna, where the ball is used, now run through the dialogue, not automatically as before.
- Fixed the height of the block with the text of dialogs for phones.
- Fixed jumps on events in Richman in achievements.
- Fixed passages where you need to buy or candy or condoms
- Overlaid on the images of the nicknames of the authors of F95:
- If "Author by " is indicated on the image, it means that this artwork is definitely fanciful, but only it is not known who the author is
- if on the image it is visible almost transparent avatar PGN, it means this scene made, and then rendered PornGodNoob
- If the image, except for the avatar PGN, also says "Рендер от", it means that the scene in Daz3D was collected by PornGodNoob, and rendered by the specified person
- All the previous fixtures were used
Game from scratch translated by DeepL

Unpack archive in folder wth replace - (Win - "BigBrotherRenPy-0.09-pc/game")

- Fixed bug with Lisa's invitation to the school toilet
- Fixed variable Alice
- Fixed bug in passing through sex counter with Kira and Katya
- Fixed bug with character icons during bowling
- Fixed a mistake with the dialogue with Mom in her room
- Fixed garage bug
- Fixed an error in passing the "School Games" event.
It was impossible to send an SMS by climbing to the second floor
- To start events with Kira, the number of best shots was reduced to 7
- To start and go through the events with Olivia reduced the number of best shots to 8 in total (4 launches and 4 for Kira
- Changed condition for advancement in events with Olivia
If someone managed to use a day pass after Kira asked him to go out with Miranda
- Fixed bug in time transition at Olivia's house
- Translated SMS messages to English
- Fixed Mom's location at 21:00
- Fixed bug with Kira after dinner
- Fixed an error with a flight to the main menu after dinner with Kira
- Fixed bug with Lisa. It was impossible to start an event with sex on the khuna when she was washing dishes.
- Fixed one of the possible errors in the passage of events with Lisa. When you need to be at home after dinner
- Fixed text bug when Max got a scooter
- Fixed bug with Lisa's sex counter to move forward with events with her
- I missed the launch of the dialogue with Lisa when I needed to talk to her tonight.
- Fixed bug with time in Max's house
- Fixed bug with repetitive bowling
- Fixed an error in starting an event in an event branch with Lisa.
The event is related to the first porn movie with Lisa when you are asked to stay home at 20:00
- Fixed an error in starting an event in an event branch with Lisa "Priestess" and corrected a hint in passing
- Fixed errors in English translation
- Fixed a bug in bowling if you're playing with girls for the first time
- Fixed an error with Mom's variable if you changed it to your
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