Big Brother: Fan Remake Version 0.13 Fix6 Win/Mac PornGodNoob+Compressed Version

Big Brother: Fan Remake Version 0.13 Fix6 Win/Mac PornGodNoob+Compressed Version

Version 0.13:
Innovations and additions:
- Added new location "Club" and features
- Added "Movie 10" in the porn studio.
- Added new events with Katya, Mama Katya, Eva, Alice, Kira, Mama and Linda.
- Added 22 new achievements and 1 bonus
- Added possibility to view on the map the working time of locations. When you point (for phones, when you tap) to the time displayed in the bottom right corner.
- Added the possibility to see the progress of past story events with the characters.
- Added new walkthrough with more detailed explanations
It is impossible to switch between versions of passages. If you choose the easy one, you'll have to play this version to the end.

Changes and corrections:
- The location of the "Porn Studio" and some related artworks was updated.
- English translation corrected inaccuracies over time
The game uses 24 hour time.
- The opportunity to change for fitness training when there are no coaches.
- There are some corrections made mostly in the passing.
- There will be no more punishments associated with Lisa until the events with the school are over.
- If you invited Kira to have sex in an apartment, you don't have to wait for her at home, you can go straight to the apartment and wait for her there.
- All previously released corrections have been applied.скачать dle 11.3

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i was wondering why give the option to buy a car with a discount when theres no room in the garage? and when i try and make a mistake on younger sisters school work and punish her mom does it anyway and the other events don't give much clues as to what to do
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