Lily's Curse Version 0.2b by GubaStudio

Lily's Curse Version 0.2b by GubaStudio
You're a young adult who wish to change is life, basically a waiter you got a legacy from your missing dad. It helps you to start back a formation in history to be able to attend university again and get graduate. You're living with your step mom and step sisters (None of the characters are blood related) that allow you to stay since your dad is missing. You find out something special that summon a special character who will change your life maybe forever!
new in this release:

-My helper , keep track of what's left to do and where ( question mark on the interface)

-Lily's satisfaction bar ( under the interface)

-Girls corruption vs romance level ( on the heart head shape in the interface)

-Button to hide the interface.

WARNING: Core code changed a lot and previous saves will not work. You should restart new game

It doesn't seem a big update in content value ,but a big step for pushing forwards next updates and gameplay.

Also now only one version of the game will be released as this one include also all animations for everyone .
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Size: 1110 Mb


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