Bad Company Version 1.4 by Lennier

Bad Company Version 1.4 by Lennier
Bad Company is a murder mystery/revenge story with sexual content. I won’t go into too much detail. The reader will be following the story of Marcus (you can change his name.) He is the only heir to one of the largest private military company in the world call The Company. At the age of eight become an orphan when his parent die in an accident. With no living relative it falls on Anthony Smith (his father best friend) to take charge of the young man and his family business. Until he reaches his eighteen-birth day. (Which is the beginning of the story.)

V1.4 is out

patch note

This version is a little short because I had to reinstall Daz (mistake with the first installation wrong HD) I ran out of HD space.
Because of the new installation not sure what DAZ people were thinking, but they change the location for a ton of content I had to find and relearn their location again. It gums up the work. I adjusted now. So the next release should be faster and with a lot more content.
I did some house cleaning. When back and fix up some of the coding mistakes, I'm sure I still miss a few. Feel free to point out anything I may have missed.

Also, I really hate to beg guys but at this point, I have no other option. I am operating in the red here, As is I barely got any support. What little I get does not even cover the interest for what I spend on render PC and replacement parts and License for Daz content. I'm in over my head, and if something doesn't happen soon, I am going to drown.

In hindsight this project is way too big for the first project. I should have started with something smaller.

Plans for the futures

If everything works out and I can make this my full-time job. Once this story complete, I have a spin-off story (based future content for Bad Company) for this VN in the draft. I also have about five drafts for entirely new stories already written out.скачать dle 11.3

Size: 2200 Mb


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