Darot Games Brothel City Version 1.0

Darot Games Brothel City Version 1.0
January Build
This month we were focused on polishing the game, fixing lots of small bugs, and, what is more important:

The game should not lag anymore.

Yes, it was long and hard work for our programmer to re-write tons of code in order to make the game run fast and smooth even if you have thousands of citizens, lodgers, travelers, and girls.

Now you can see the Shyness falling images before the illustration of decree that reduces it.

Now you can remove Huntress' traps - click on it and there will be an option to demolish.

You know, we knew about this problem long ago but we always left it for future, never having enough courage to say "OK, it needs to be done. Yes, we understand it will delay other features and probably it doesn't look like something that requires lots of work." But we did it.

Hi, dear friendvert!
This is Alice from Darot Games, creators of Brothel City game.
Today we have a 2-year anniversary of our Patreon page!
During these years we've succeeded in creating a mid-core adult city-builder strategy game that actually has no analogs within the NSFW gaming industry.
More than 150 unique sexy illustrations, hours of gameplay, classic economy mechanics and much more!
Because of our Page's Birthday, we send a link to Brothel City version 1.0 build to all the Patrons who supported us for more than $20 during these 2 years and it doesn't matter if you are still with us, or quit supporting because of some reasons - you made your contribution to the creation of the game.скачать dle 11.3

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