Wands and Witches Version 0.901 Great Chicken Studio

Wands and Witches Version 0.901 Great Chicken Studio
When you turned 18, you received a letter with an invitation to the Hogwarts University of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Because magic is not for children!

What's new here?

As always with the latest releases, it turned out to be more than we had planned. The size of the game has grown by 17,000 words and 27 scenes.
We remind you once again that all new content takes place after December 21st. The game time has been extended until December 25. You must use the old save, or play again before the end of December to see the new content. We strongly do not recommend using cheats to change the date in the game, this can completely break it. The events of this update are very variable, and it is almost impossible that two playthroughs will lead to two identical balls.
Even though we put in a lot of pre-alpha testing, we're pretty sure we couldn't find all the bugs. So, if you find any, or you just think that events in your game are developing illogically, then we ask you to tell us about it.
What has already been done:
- Two new quests. The first is the Christmas ball. The second takes place during the ball, and will fail if you don't complete it before the ball is over.
- New outfit for almost all characters.
- New, more varied sprite for Ginny. So far we have only used it for the ball, but in the next versions we will replace her old sprite in the rest of the events too.
- Three backgrounds have been redesigned to better match the holiday spirit.
- Two new soundtracks.
- Animations for 7 scenes out of 27 are ready.
What we have to do before the public version:
- Catch and fix the remaining bugs.
- Complete the remaining animations.
- We have ordered another soundtrack, and we will add it to the game too.
- We are waiting for one of our Patrons to do the final proofreading for the English localization. Many thanks to him for that!
We will release beta and public versions as soon as they are ready. This largely depends on the activity of alpha testers. We will definitely finish the remaining animations in two weeks. So we think you can see the next releases in early November.скачать dle 11.3

Size: 1100 Mb


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